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Our Campaigns

Friends of the Bahamas is the first social advocacy group in The Bahamas to act as an umbrella group to work with others on campaigns addressing political and legal corruption, environmental problems, crime, animal rights, small business development, social and economic development. 

Today we campaign on more issues than any other group in the country. 

Make your voice heard - join us in: 

  • political and legal reform
  • diversification of the economy
  • reducing crime levels and recidivism of inmates
  • improving education
  • protecting wildlife habitats and marine life
  • encouraging sustainable agriculture
  • reducing teen pregnancies
  • eliminating drug trafficking and the use of illegal drugs
  • stopping the destruction of coral reefs
  • preventing pollution
  • promoting waste reduction and reducing over-consumption
  • clean-up of wells and drinking water
  • stopping hazardous waste dumping
  • controlling dangerous chemicals, including pesticides
  • reducing traffic levels and improving public transport
  • humane reduction of stray animal population
  • renewable energy 


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