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Good reasons to support Friends of The Bahamas

  1. We are effective: our campaigns can get politicians and private corporations to take action - through persuasive argument, lobbying and use of the law when necessary.

  2. We are authoritative: our pioneering research can be widely used by governments, commerce, the media and social and environmental organizations.

  3. We inform: we intend on publishing a broad range of information to help everyone find out and take action on social, political and environmental problems that affect them.

  4. We are independent: we work with all political parties, but are aligned to none.

  5. We innovate at all levels: from our participation in various international organisations to the work carried out by dozens of local groups, we are uniquely placed to mobilize public opinion and campaign successfully - locally, nationally and internationally. 

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You are the difference
Over 90 per cent of our funding comes from people like you. Add your voice to the thousands of people supporting our campaigns for a cleaner, safer and better Bahamas.

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Supporting Friends of The Bahamas through a regular gift provides the dependable income we need to mount long-term campaigns to better The Bahamas for Bahamians and visitors alike.

As a Friends of The Bahamas supporter you'll receive an attractive and informative welcome pack and three times a year we'll send you the e-magazine Bahamas Friends, packed with news, regular contributions from experts, and information and advice on all of the big issues facing The Bahamas.



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